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Schizophrenia suffering not limited to those with the illness

Schizophrenia is a hard illness to deal with. With that understatement out of the way, I’ll double down on it with “and it can be very hard on families, friends and caregivers.” My battles with my illness have not been … Continue reading

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Stigma affects family and friends too…

It’s been a long day at work and a busy month for me with my new job. However, something came across my feed that I felt I needed to share. From CTV News in Montreal, a story that highlights that … Continue reading

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Just wanted to pass on some inspiration

Patrick Cockburn finishes up a series in The Independent. Excerpt: I do not fear schizophrenia as I once did, or maybe it would be truer to say that I have a changed attitude to madness. It is not the death … Continue reading

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The Wedding

I’d thought I’d elaborate a bit more on my story. I’ve talked about the beginning of all this. I’ve talked about the hell of after diagnosis and my moment of clarity. Now I need to talk about the wedding. Now, … Continue reading

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I am a very lucky man. I do my best every day to remember that fact. Some might think that I feel that I drew a very short end of a stick by being one of the 1% of Canadians … Continue reading

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