Unfortunately, I thought about it and realized that I might need one of these.

I am not a mental health professional. I believe that my perspective has merit, but if you are looking for actual medical advice, I cannot help you. If you or someone you know may think they need help with a mental illness, it is important to seek professional help.

Remember, mental illness is very personal and affects people in different ways. While I am highly able to cope with my illness, my coping mechanisms may not work (and may even be a detriment) for others. It is important for those who have a mental illness to develop their own coping skills with professional, peer and community support.

Please remember that I speak for no one but myself. Like most people I am opinionated, but like all people I have been wrong more than infrequently. Please take my postings with such things in mind.

All content (including images) is unless otherwise stated my own creation and subject to copyright. If you wish to use content on my blog without my permission, please obey fair use standards and link to my original content. Please do not reproduce any content that doesn’t fall under fair use without my express consent.

And now that I’ve probably overlooked several things that will be glaringly obvious once they are pointed out, I’ll hope you’ll stay and continue with the conversation.

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