“I wanted the end result to be starting a conversation…”

Here’s a good article at the CBC about Jan Wong, a former reporter at the Globe and Mail who was diagnosed with clinical depression. Excerpt:

“I wanted the end result to be starting a conversation, a national conversation on mental illness and depression because it affects so many people, it affects every one in five or six Canadians in their lifetimes and twice as many women as men,” said Wong.

“There’s so much stigma and shame around mental illness and depression and I felt it was my moral responsibility, as a journalist, to shed light on this.”

She said one of the biggest hurdles she encountered while taking the time to deal with her illness was that she said her workplace did not support her.

It’s a good read. I applaud Ms. Wong for her courage and her sense of social responsibility. We cannot after all, have the conversation that she wishes (and I do as well) without people speaking up. She has written a book Out of the Blue, detailing her recovery and discussing depression and the workplace. Available in Canada at Chapters/Indigo and Amazon.


About Neil

I happen to have paranoid schizophrenia. But that is only a small part of who I am. I define me, not my illness. I always try and choose hope and choose to be a better person, though like all people, I have more than a few failures. Some have been rather spectacular.
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