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The relative “Glamour” of different illnesses

This article in the Regina Leader-Post is worth a read. It discusses (among other things) CMHA’s struggles in obtaining fundraising for Friends for Life a suicide prevention program in Saskatchewan. Excerpt: Mental illness is something most people would rather not … Continue reading

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Another wonderful tale to share

Peter Dean’s story was featured in the Cambridge News. He has dealt with schizophrenia and depression. In the article, he describes his heartbreaking attempt at suicide because the voices made him feel “insignificant and useless.” But he was able to … Continue reading

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Great Video

This ad I saw at the talk I gave this past week with the Canadian Mental Health Association (Niagara Chapter). I thought it was pretty powerful.

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Speaking Up

Last night I was invited to talk to a bunch of Med Plus students at the university. These students are those thinking of pursuing a career in the medical profession, so they may be future doctors, nurses, technicians and other … Continue reading

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Things that make me concerned

This column by Carol Goar in the Toronto Star naturally has given me pause. The gist of it is that the Ontario Human Rights Commission reported that there was “deeply embedded discrimination” against those who have mental health issues by … Continue reading

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This came across my Google News feed. A study in Japan found that while most symptoms of schizophrenia improve over time, social anxiety symptoms often worsen. “To achieve a complete functional recovery, additional interventions for social anxiety may be needed,” … Continue reading

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Celebrate Recovery

Naturally, this piece by Patti Lauzon (CMHA, Lambton-Kent) in the Chatham Daily News is something I can completely get behind. Excerpt: Too many people are still unaware that mental illness can be treated effectively. Although we know that one in … Continue reading

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Percy Paul: Flight From Darkness

Percy Paul stopped by in the comments the other day and had as his url a YouTube of a documentary about his struggles with Bipolar disorder. I think it is worth watching. Though I am compliant with my medication, I … Continue reading

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New Medication: Review of Saphris

Just over a month ago, I started a new medication. It’s called Saphris It’s a sublingual tablet that I have to take daily which dissolves underneath my tongue. Medication is very tricky for those with schizophrenia. Finding the right medication … Continue reading

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This is a bit neat

Now as long time followers of the blog know, my area of research has been technology in mathematics education (at the university level). So when I see this pop up in my technology feed from PC Magazine (and not my … Continue reading

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