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A nice radio interview with Erin Hawkes

I’ve discussed Erin Hawkes’ story before on the blog. She’s has a M.Sc. in Neuroscience and is the author of a book, When Quietness Came: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey with Schizophrenia. Like me, she is also someone who happens to have … Continue reading

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Dealing with Unfairness

Author’s note: I am still busy with insanely important paper. However, I needed a break from what I was doing, so this post came about. Most people at least by the time they are teenagers have been told by a … Continue reading

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Time for something different…

Author’s note. Still insanely busy. However since I don’t want to leave the blog dwelling on a horrible tragedy (and whether in the absence of evidence we should just jump to conclusions), I thought I’d share something that made me … Continue reading

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Tragedy in Colorado

Something that I think all could agree was evil took place recently in Aurora. James Holmes allegedly committed mass murder and injured tens of innocents at a opening screening of the new Batman movie. Naturally when such a thing happens, … Continue reading

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In Memorium

Author’s Note: I’m still crazy busy so postage quality and quantity may suck for the rest of the month. However I did want to share this with everyone. This story caught my eye in the Chicago Tribune (must register). It … Continue reading

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A neat idea

Author’s note: I’m still in the throes of writing a big paper, so the blog may be neglected for a while. I am unsure if I will have the energy or time to blog.  This is an idea that I … Continue reading

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There’s a big problem in explaining what a delusion is like to someone who hasn’t experienced one. That is, we colloquially say “you’re deluded” whenever someone we know says they believe a darn fool thing. It is–sort of–related to that. … Continue reading

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Finding a Purpose

We all need some sense of purpose in life. We may not need to feel that we were sent here on some sort of divine mission to save France from the scourge of the English, but we want to feel … Continue reading

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Visual Hallucination

Often I get asked what schizophrenia is like. I mean, people are curious and actually want to try and understand the illness. Unfortunately the major problem is that schizophrenia isn’t really like anything. If you have never questioned the assumption … Continue reading

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Study: Movie Portrayal of Schizophrenia has many Inaccuracies

This article from showed up in my inbox. It’s brief so I naturally encourage you to read the whole thing. Excerpt. Movies often stereotype people with schizophrenia as being violent and unpredictable, says a researcher who claims Hollywood dispenses … Continue reading

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