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The beginning

I have been asked by a few people to give a few more details on my story, and since this spans decades, I think I’ll have to split it into different posts. I think though I am unsure where exactly … Continue reading

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Some final thoughts on Bill Macphee’s questions

I’m continuing my reflection on Bill Macphee’s questions from his post About Mental Health – What Is Stigma Anyway? I would love for you to send me an email and tell me your thoughts on stigma: Does it really exist? … Continue reading

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Seeing the Forest from the Trees

I will be honest, this is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. I’ll tell you this, even if you removed the words “happens to have a mental illness” from a description of my life, it still would … Continue reading

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What is stigma?

In response to Bill Macphee’s post that I started discussing in the previous post, I thought I would continue with some thoughts on what I feel is stigma here. Now, I have a page on stigma. The Canadian Mental Health … Continue reading

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Some interesting questions by Bill Macphee

Over at Mental Wellness Today’s Mental Health Blog, Bill Macphee has an interesting post up on Stigma entitled About Mental Health – What Is Stigma Anyway? As usual, I urge everyone to read the whole thing. In a brief summary, … Continue reading

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In Fear

I admit that to a lot of people, mental illness is scary. Hey, I have found it to be myself. Heck, the word “schizophrenia” sound scary in of itself. Certainly it doesn’t even sound pleasant. One of my biggest fears … Continue reading

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It goes without saying that nobody likes nightmares. I think it is part of the definition of that word. Waking up, cold, terrified, perhaps alone and not realizing it was a bad dream for a few seconds. My nightmares are, … Continue reading

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Things I like

Sometimes we have people in our lives who give us a random act of kindness. It is one of the best things one can ever receive. In return, I promised to work on my “homework.” My life can be strange. … Continue reading

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Personal Responsibility

I think probably one of the hardest things for me to grapple with on this journey of mine is my notion of personal responsibility versus the fact that I have an illness which affects my behaviour. Now, I want to … Continue reading

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I’ve been away from blogging a few days while I worked on my draft for my M.Sc. project. That got submitted, so I am a bit happy with that. I thought though I’d take the time today to discuss one … Continue reading

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