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I recently attended the annual meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group (CMESG) in Quebec City. It is the biggest national conference on mathematics education in the country. I’ll probably blog a bit more about my experiences there later, … Continue reading

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Video from yesterday

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Sorry, I have been away attending a conference and just got in last night after my flight was cancelled twice in Montreal due to massive storms there. I probably will blog a bit more about that soon, and hopefully have … Continue reading

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I think that technology can be in some ways wonderful. Thanks to the Internet, I can using video chats, instant messaging, email, social networking and others, reach and keep track of friends near and far more easily. Of course, there … Continue reading

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An “Excuse”

A friend send me a link to this article that features an interview with the CEO of the Schizophrenia Society with Vincent Li. Vincent Li, if you remember my previous post on this matter,¬†gruesomely killed Tim McLean and was later … Continue reading

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A cure

Via Waywardweed, we have this article. Scientists claimed this week to have pinpointed the genes most responsible for schizophrenia in a breakthrough they say will allow better diagnosis and treatment of the debilitating mental illness. It’s worth the entire read … Continue reading

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Negative Symptoms

There’s another aspect of the illness that I haven’t really covered. They are called negative symptoms in the medical jargon. They’re, well, an extreme case of antisocial behaviour. You literally shut down. People in your life, people you love and … Continue reading

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Food for thought

The Winnipeg Free Press has an interesting article on concerns about the media portrayal of Vince Li being given the privilege of supervised visits into Selkirk. In a horrific act, Li killed Tim McLean on a Greyhound Bus in Manitoba … Continue reading

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I’m a strange individual in that I actually like school. Now I’ll be frank, even I don’t particularly like exams or thirty question assignments with a due date that is impossible. But I love to learn. I love when I … Continue reading

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I apologize for being away from the blog for a while. I had an exam and a presentation to prepare for, and school comes first before any of my hobbies. On top of that I was experiencing side effects of … Continue reading

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